50 life quotes

Snowflakes Anonymous

1 Keep breathing for as long as you can.
2 Nothing is as it seems long enough to be permanent.
3 When all seems lost keep going, you still have you.
4 Remember your true nature.
5 Travel light, take only what you need.
6 The time to look behind is after the finish.
7 Everything you encounter will either drain you or empower you.
8 Don’t believe everything your senses tell you.
9 Hope comes after the courage to begin.
10 Trust in your-self; if it feels right it probably is.
11 Beware of pickpockets.
12 Ignore barking dogs but carry a stick anyway.
13 Take note of your intuition, it’s there for a reason.
14 Don’t horde or you’ll have to de-clutter often.
15 Be aware of what you think, your thoughts have energy.
16 Wisdom comes after the learning, not before.
17 Gratitude comes with gratification.

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“The Harry Eichhorn* Pavilion.” Jack Bredin takes a new look at an OG landmark.

“The Harry Eichhorn Pavilion” by Jack Bredin. January, 2019. Photograph by Rob Bredin ©  Click to enlarge.


BILL EVANS  (piano)  and CANNONBALL ADDERLEY (sax).   “Waltz for Debbie.”

*Harry Eichhorn is an iconic figure in Ocean Grove representing the musical side of this town with its long musical heritage. There is a plaque on the Pavilion honoring Harry Eichhorn for his many years of conducting the Summer Band.  You can use the search box at the top right of this page and type in his name.  And, incidentally, Harry will turn 92 on January 29.

Editor’s note:  Once again artist Jack Bredin of Ocean Grove creates a personal vision of an Ocean Grove view.  His body of work is unique, as he redefines how we see our town.  There was a time in 2007 when this Boardwalk Pavilion became a symbol of controversy where factions in the Grove…

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Anxiety Recovery Module 9: Visualisations, Affirmations. — Brian’s Blog

By Brian Robinson. Visualisation now figures in many therapeutic approaches. Pictures, videos, imaginings and a number of other visual aids are used to help re-process our minds to new versions of the truth. Versions which essentially question the beliefs associated with anxiety disorders. If you want to communicate with the brain, in a way it […]

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